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Packers & Movers

The makaan Makers packers and movers company offers a affordable rate & best comprehensive solution to all your relocation needs. We offer very well quality & hassle-free packing and moving services at very cost effective rate. We have handled many residential and commercial shifting situations solve successfully. We have dedicated stupendous experience team of expert professional to make your shifting household or office easier and simpler.


Home Relocation Services

There are a number of reasons because of which people need to relocate their home. Obviously, they would want to move their household belongings safely. Hiring home relocation services would ensure easier and smooth transition process. The amount of work involved in Home relocation service is extensive and can prove to be a stressful one. Due to this reason, many people like to hire home shifting services from reputed movers and packers. Hiring professional packing company to relocate home is a smart choice. These companies have long year of experience and expertise in carrying out domestic move within the city and intercity as well. They utilize modern and advanced techniques to perform relocation task with great care. Trustworthy packers and movers perform both local as well as long distant move.


Office Relocation Services

The task of office relocation brings a lot of mess in the working environment. Business corporate must hire professional moving services. They would analyze the requirement of company and carry out resettlement activity. It will minimise non-working hours and maintain the business output as usual. This would also enable your company to save a lot time in performing office relocation. The transition period would be smoother. The detailed documentation would be taken care of the Makaan maker packers and movers. hiring an established team of packers and movers would save you from relocation plans, infrastructure needed, equipment needed, shipment of old office appliances and quotation for entire procedure. The brainstorming session would be done by the relocation service providers. Trustworthy packers and movers also assist you in legal documentation, to obtain business permits and construction permits.

All Elecrical Work

Are you tired of the flickering lights at your home or office? It’s probably time to call for an electrician. Calling for an electrician can be tricky, though. You may be confused between commercial and residential electricians. While both may be able to fix your electrical issues, these two types of electricians are different in many ways. Residential electricians are the best fit to fix home electrical problems, while commercial electricians are for retail and manufacturing businesses. You have to know the distinctions between the two to be sure of the quality of service you’ll get depending on your needs.

Residential Electrical work

A residential electrician is an expert in every electricity requirement of residential buildings. Residential electricians are skilled and trained experts in the construction, servicing, and restoration of insulation, electrical systems in residential buildings. They make sure to lay wires properly so that electricity is well-supplied to people’s homes.

  • 1- Common electrical repairs
  • 2- General home electrical requirements (including technical drawings and interpretation of residential electrical plans)
  • 3- Residential wiring for newly-constructed homes
  • 4- Installation of lighting, fixtures, and other electrical components
  • 5- Compliance with the local and national electric system guidelines and safety standards

Commercial Electrical work

Commercial electricians are experts in performing new construction or installing lighting, receptacles, transformers, and power distribution systems. They typically work in commercial buildings such as business offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other public areas. As experts in commercial electrical work, they can also design, schedule, and mode systems according to industry standards. Since their main clients are business corporations and large companies, most commercial electricians have undergone specialized industry training and leadership experience.

Home Appliance Installation and Repair services

Did you just purchase a new appliance and need professional help to perform a quick and quality installation? Some home appliance installation can be complex and might require the help of experts. Many homeowners find out the hard way that installing major home appliances in your home is a task best left to experts. This ensures that your appliance operates optimally. Many people find the process of installing home appliances incredibly cumbersome, and as a result, choose to let a professional take care of it. At appliance wizards, we handle all home appliance installations from kitchen appliance installation to laundry appliance installation and much more! We are experienced in dealing with different brands and have the knowledge necessary to install various kinds of home appliances.For an appliance installation to be successful, the person doing the installation needs to be knowledgeable on every make and model of home appliances and have access to the necessary tools needed to connect the appliance correctly

We at Makaan Makers have optimal solutions for all major brands of home and kitchen appliances. No matter whether your refrigerator needs repairing or you require installation for your new air conditioner, we are there for you. We are the most preferred choice for appliance repair services in the Pan India. Our repair technicians are highly trained, knowledgeable, and courteous. We service all brands household appliances & electronics including refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, televisions, ro water purifiers, inverters, kitchen appliances and many more.

  • Air Conditioner Services - AC Repair | AC Installation | AC Servicing | AC Gas Charging
  • Washing Machine Services - Washing Machine Repair | Washing Machine Maintenance
  • Refrigerator Services - Refrigerator Repair | Refrigerator Gas Charging
  • Television Services - LCD TV Repair | LED TV Repair | Plasma TV Repair
  • Microwave Oven Services - Microwave Oven Repair | Microwave Oven Servicing
  • Water Purifier Services - RO Repair | RO Installation | RO Servicing

Overview of building fire safety

Building fire safety comprises of a ‘package’ which incorporates construction methods, mechanical and electrical devices, management practice and organised human response tailored to reduce the impact of fire upon the occupants, the building, its contents, the attending firefighters and any neighbouring property. In the context of building fire safety, fire impact is considered to be any threat to life and property caused by heat or smoke and may include adverse environmental impact from toxic products stored on the premises.

  • Building fire safety cannot be defined as a single system, it relies upon a group of sub systems to form a complete package. More often than not, if one of the sub systems is removed, the whole package will collapse and the occupants within the building will face an unacceptable risk in the event of outbreak of fire. For simplicity, the package can be broken down into nine principle sub systems, comprising:

  • occupant training and education means of escape from the building ignition potential fire load compartmentation and structural fire resistancefire fighting systems fire detection, alarm and communication systems smoke management systems fire service response.

We Turn Houses Into Homes

A cleaning company built on the foundations of trust and respect is hard to find nowadays. That’s what makes Makaan Makers a rare breed! We’ve invested 110% of ourselves into the business and created a solid family that works together and stays together! Our cleaning teams have proven to be trustworthy, hardworking and true professionals at their job time and time again, which we are happy to reward them with high salaries and many company perks. Of course, that isn’t an ‘excuse’ to charge customers exorbitant rates for our professional cleaning services. Makaan Makers’s goal is to keep everyone happy - employees, cleaning staff and customers with quality service, transparent dealings and fair pricing.

What Makes Us Different

  1. Every time we do business with you we see it a chance to impress you.

  2. We're insured and bonded so, you're always safe!

  3. We are honest. It's that simple. The price quoted is our final price.

  4. 200% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you're not happy with the service, contact us
    within 24 hours and we'll come back and fix it. Still not happy? We'll refund you completely.

  5. We always use two-person teams to get your house cleaned better and faster

The Home Maintenance Checklist

We Sanitized Your Residential, Commercial & Industrial Premises As Per Approved Guidelines With Latest Technology Machines & Approved Chemicals at Affordable Rates.

We Are Using All Imported Machines For Sanitization Which Gives Best Results In Terms of Qulaity, Service & Time.

The Chemicals Which We Use Are Created With an Enhanced Chemistry That Provides Strong Germ kill (99.9%) While Not Being Corrosive to Humans And Inanimate Objects.

  • Sanitization Services Product Benefits:-

  • 1. Kills 99.9% Germs.

  • 2. Non-Toxic, Does Not Bleach or Harm Surfaces.

  • 3. 24 Hour Germ Protection.

  • 4. Unique Built-In Measuring Lid Mechanism For Accurate Dilution

  • 5. Biodegradable.

  • 6. Non-Corrosive.

  • Key-Ingredients:-

  • 1. Benzalkonium chloride solution

  • 2. IP 4.5% w/v

  • 3. Mixture of aliphatic alcohols

  • 4. Sequestering agent

  • 5. Mixture of surfactants

  • 6. Fragrance

  • 7. Preservatives

Introducing Our Virtual in Home and Office Renovation Consultation

Have Makaan Makers bring the WOW to your home, kitchen, bathroom or offices with our world-class renovation services. Navi Mumbai most experienced renovation contractors, expert architects and interior designers can help you renovate or remodel your kitchen, bathroom, shower, bring your dream to reality. Now, you can schedule a free, no obligation 30 minute virtual “no-physical” contact consultation with repersenatative of makaan makers, who will personally call you back at a date and time convenient to you.

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